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9th-Sep-2008 06:11 am - My response to the VMA 'disaster'.
Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl
Okay. So that Russell guy has a big mouth. That was annoying. I saw the clip of RPatz being cut off, and I honestly think that IT IS NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL.
So RPatz didn't get to say his line at the VMA's, WHOOPDEEFRICKINDOO! It's NOT the end of the world.
For people to be 'furious' after he didn't get to say a line is a bit ridiculous. Yeah, it was rude, but it wasn't a huge deal. It is not a 'disaster' or any other synonymous word. Just deal with it, alright?

Okay. That's my rant.
Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl
I can't really think of anything rambling to put in here, so let's get on with the inner-workings of my mind!
Disclaimer: I still don't own anything, I'm just playing with things for a bit :)



I couldn't think straight. I had completely forgotten the surroundings around me. All I could smell, taste, see, and feel was her. She smelled amazing, even in the sweaty club. It was reminiscent of some kind of berry, strawberry perhaps, and of something floral. I couldn't get enough of it. The way she was moving her body against mine was downright sinful, and it took all the control I had in me not to drag her to the bathroom and fuck her. I had to bury my face in her hair and neck to keep myself from moaning loudly, and when I did, I had the most amazing taste on my lips. She tasted incredible; her skin was so smooth, and it had a slight layer of perspiration from all the dirty moves she was making. Her smell clouded my mind, and it was as if we were the only people in the club. I wanted to keep her in my arms forever.
"I Like That" by Houston came on, and she really got into it. She put her hands on top of mine on her hips and guided them around her midsection, trailing to sinful places, only to come back up before it became too risqué. I felt my lips turn into an involuntary frown when she wouldn't let me touch her how I wanted, but I supposed I should be happy with what I was getting to touch. Just being able to dance this way with her was enough for me, and I would take whatever I could get.
"I Like That" meshed into "Nothin'" by N.O.R.E. as I moved with my devilish angel. I wanted this girl, and I wanted her bad.
Now... How to get her?
I stared into her eyes as she pressed against me, and I suddenly saw the flash of recognition go off within them. She knew how I felt. But did she feel the same way? Did she want me like I wanted her?
No time like the present to find out, right?
As "Days Go By" by Dirty Vegas came on, I started moving us back toward the bar, still grinding against her. I wanted to kiss her, to taste her lips on my own, but I wasn't sure if it would be too forward of me. I didn't want to scare her off, it would kill me if anything I did brought out any fear in her.
Whoa. Where the hell did that come from?!
I shook the thought out of my mind and turned toward the bar, taking her hand in mine to lead her. I felt the same shock I had felt earlier when I had kept her from cracking her skull open. It felt like someone had used a tazer on me. The spark sent a wave of serene over me, and her hand fit so easily in mine, I had a feeling she would be something big.
Once we got to the bar, "Bump, Bump, Bump" by B2K had come on.

Baby turn around and let me
See that sexy body go
Bump, bump, bump

I smiled and chuckled at the lyrics. I had just lived those words, and I wanted to relive them every chance I got.
In the back of my mind, I kept picturing a different side of life. It was sweeter, more akin to something in a Jane Austen novel than a Playboy magazine. It was Bella and me, holding each other and staring into each other's eyes with goofy smiles on our faces. It wasn't anything sexual, but more tender, more loving.
I surprised myself when I found out I liked it.
I wanted that, too. I wanted the hot, wild, sexy night with Bella, but, at the same time, I wanted the tender time with her. It seemed a conflicting thought in my mind: How could I have both things when both those things were the polar opposites of the other? Was it possible? Could I achieve it? Yes. Yes, I could. I would. I had to.
I was pulled out of my reverie by Bella tugging on my sleeve. I turned to her and smiled, reassuring the concerned expression on her face.
"Hmm?" I asked her.
"You seemed... pensive," she explained, "I was seeing if you were alright."
"Oh, yes, I'm fine. Just thinking," I retorted, staying vague.
She nodded, and looked toward the bartender to ask for a bottled water. I immediately went for my wallet to pay for it, but was stopped by her hand on my forearm.
"Don't. It's fine," she said with a smile.
"If you're sure," I trailed.
"Yes, I've got it covered. Alice and I know the manager, so we pretty much get free drinks whenever we want."
"Really?" I asked, intrigued.
"Yeah. His name's Jacob, and he's an old family friend. His dad and mine are good friends, so I've known him pretty much all my life. I'm starting to get a bit bored with this place for the night. You ready to head out?" she asked me. She ducked her head down a bit and looked up at me though her eyelashes. Oh dear God that was sexy...
"Yeah. You ready to go home?"
"Well, no, not really. I'm just ready to get out of here," she breathed. This woman was trying to kill me, I just knew it.
I tried to keep my voice from cracking, "Where do you want to go?" I don't think I succeeded.
"Hmm, I don't know. Do you have anywhere in mind? I mean, we are taking your car, after all."
"Well, we could go get some coffee since we've drunk a bit tonight, or we could go to my place, or we could go get some food," I stuck
my apartment in there quietly.
"Do you not have coffee and food at your place? I would hate for you to have to spend money on me," she breathed. Whether she was trying to sound seductive or not, I didn't know, but at that point, I really didn't care. When she smiled flirtatiously at me, I was gone.
"I wouldn't mind spending a penny on you," I winked, "but I suppose I do have those things at my apartment."
"Well then, it's settled, now, isn't it?"
I grinned, "I suppose it is."


Yes! There is a God! He's taking me back to his apartment! I mentally rejoiced, satisfied with myself and my attempt at being a seductress. I could get used to the looks he was giving me. If I had half the effect on him that he had on me, I knew I was doing something right.
He took me by the hand, and I felt that spark for the third time that night. That had to mean something. It had to mean that he was more than just a one night stand. I actually hoped he would be. I didn't want to just do him and never speak to him again. I didn't think it would have been possible anyway, what with him being Alice's brother and all.
We wound our way outside the club to his car--a nice, shiny, silver Volvo, I noted--so we could leave. He opened the passenger door for me, eliciting a blush from me, and, after I sat down on the smooth leather seat, smiled as he closed the door. He quickly made his way to the driver's side, ripping the door open and closing it within a second. Eager, are we? I thought to myself with a snicker. He seemed to hear me, and smiled wickedly when I looked in his direction.
"And just what is that look for, Mr. Cullen?" I asked coyly.
"What look?" he appeared dumbfounded, but his eyes gave away his mischievousness. Well then, if that's the way he wants to play, I'll have to try a little harder.
I leaned over the middle console, placed my hand on his knee, and whispered in his ear, "Oh, you know, the look that suggests someone may... get lucky... later," my lips grazed his earlobe, and I smiled when I saw and felt him shudder. I moved my head back away from his, trailing my lips up his ear and away from him slowly, teasing him a bit. My hand moved slightly up his thigh, but I didn't let it move too far before I leaned away from him and sat back in my seat. I turned to look out the window so he wouldn't see the triumphant smirk on my face.
Before long, we pulled up to a modern, geometric, colorful building that I assumed was his apartment. It practically screamed money. He parked the car before getting out and coming around to my door, opening it for me, causing me to blush again and look away shyly. He smiled at me and closed the door.
We started walking up the stairs to enter the building slowly; he snaked his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him. Such a minute action, but it lit my body like the Fourth of July. I felt the heat pool in my center, and remembered my purpose for coming here in the first place. I refocused back to the now, back to his large hand on my hip, his muscular arm around my back, securing me to him.
He lead me through a couple of hallways to a large, dark wooden door adorned with the number 107 in brass plating. With his free hand, he pulled a key out of his pocket, slid it into the lock, and pushed the door open, before grabbing me roughly and pulling me in. I stood there, dumbstruck but so turned on, watching him, waiting for something to happen. I got my wish soon after.
His lips crashed to mine hard, moving with mine like they'd been doing it since the beginning of time. His lips were soft but strong on mine, and they tasted sweet somehow; an indescribable taste that I wanted more of. I made quick work of deepening the kiss, parting my lips and sliding my tongue against his bottom lip, begging for entrance. He complied almost instantly. As his lips parted, my tongue darted into his mouth, exploring everything it could reach. His tongue felt like heaven against mine, stroking and circling urgently. We were exploring each other's mouths with our tongues while our hands explored the other's body. My hands slid up his muscular arms, his broad shoulders, his toned back, and made their way up around his neck. I gripped the back of his head, grabbing fistfuls of his soft, bronze hair, securing his head to mine. 
His hands were rubbing up and down my back, sliding all the way down until he was grabbing my ass. He squeezed it gently, pushing me against him before moving one hand to the back of my neck. He dug his hand into my hair while kissing me feverishly. There was an understated urgency in his kiss. He seemed to be trying to convey a message to me, but I couldn't figure out what it was; I was too busy tasting the wonderful piece of man before me.
I had started moving my hands down his chest to his pants when he pulled back suddenly, panting and trying to return to breathing normally. His beautiful lips were swollen from our kissing, and I wanted to secure myself to them again and never let go. He gazed at me unrelentingly, trapping me with his eyes. I couldn't move. I couldn't think. I couldn't even tell him my own name if he'd asked me. I was swimming in his darkened emeralds, and he was keeping me there for as long as he wanted.
"Bella," he breathed. It was by far the sexiest thing I had ever heard him say. My name coming from his lips was like a chorus of angels singing the most beautiful melody. 
"Hmm?" I managed to get out.
He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. I took the opportunity given to me and threw myself back into his arms kissing his open lips again with enthusiasm. He responded by kissing down my neck, licking and sucking slightly. I gasped when he reached a spot behind my ear that I hadn't known was sensitive. I was breathing heavily, my chest rising and falling dramatically, while his hands roamed my sides and his lip slid over my neck.
"Bella," he started between kisses, "I really think we should... tone it down... just a bit... Maybe... talk about... what's going on?"
"Mmmm, sounds wonderful," I moaned.
He pulled back, and I frowned and whimpered at the loss. With his hands still on my waist, he looked into my eyes again. His eyes weren't as dark as before, but they still weren't the same color they were when I'd first met him.
"Bella, I just want you to know that I don't want anything that may or may not happen tonight to be a one time thing," he started.
"Neither do I," I blurted out.
He smiled. "Really?"
"Yes, really," I looked down at the carpet, suddenly shy again. "There's something about you that draws me in, and I don't have the will power to resist it. It's more than just physical attraction, I think. It's difficult to explain. I probably sound stupid--"
"I feel the exact same thing."
I snapped my head back up. Now it was my turn to ask, "Really?"
"Yes. God yes, Bella. I want to get to know you, take you out on a couple dates, and have a relationship with you. I feel like I wouldn't be complete without you in my life."
It was then that I started to panic. I was pretty sure I was feeling the same thing, but, to be honest, I was scared shitless. I hadn't ever felt something so strongly for someone I'd only known a few hours, and the thought of going through with something long-term seemed terrifying.
"Uh... Wow. I-I need to sit down."
"Bella? Are you okay?" he asked me, truly concerned.
"Yeah, I'm fine, I just need to sit down for a minute. All of this," I waved my hand between us, "is a bit overwhelming. I need to think about everything."
"What's there to think about? You feel something strong for me, I feel something strong for you, we feel the same," he responded, but helped me to the couch anyway.
"I don't know. It's just too much for right now. I barely know you. Other than you're Alice's brother, I really don't know anything about you," I explained.
"Well, I'll tell you everything you want to know. Anything and everything. Just ask and I'll tell you," he had taken on a pleading tone. It was as if he could read my mind, as if he knew that I was planning on backing out and running away with my tail between my legs.
"Edward, this is all just a bit much for me, alright? I need some time to.. to sort things out, think things over. I'm sorry, I can't do this right now," I snapped, standing up. I made it about halfway to the door before Edward stopped me.
"What are you doing? You're not leaving are you?" he inquired.
"I don't know what I'm doing; all I know is that I need to get away from here."
And with that, I pushed past him and walked out into the hallway. I could feel something in my chest rip in two, but I willed myself to keep walking, even when I heard him calling my name and begging me to come back. I turned the corner, chancing a glance at him. It turned out to be the wrong decision, for I could see his face contort in pain as I walked away.
I didn't know when I'd see him again, or when we'd work things out together, but all I knew was that I needed to sort out my own feelings first.
I just hoped I wouldn't be too late in figuring them out.
Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl
I really should be working on my AP "Introspective Paper" as DocSaw calls it, but I just can't get my mind away from the fictional world. It's going to be the death of me.
I was thinking about some stuff earlier, and I was thinking of maybe doing some kind of Halloween thing for this story, so if you have any ideas on what Edward's costume should be, please let me know. I've already got an idea for Bella, and it is anything but innocent, no joke. Think "Mean Girls" XD Oh yeah, I'm going there XDD  But the Halloween thing probably won't be anytime soon. Quite possibly around actual Halloween. I was thinking about it because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays :D Yay, Halloween! *happydance*
Anyway, this chapter isn't really anything crucial to the plot, just some basic Bella/Edward conversation. Nothing much happens in here; I'm mainly just trying to fine tune my descriptions :] Let me know if I've done a good job! :D



After everyone was caught up on who was who, Edward sat in the only available seat--thank God it was next to me--and immersed himself in the witty banter of those I called my friends. I was a bit pissed Alice never mentioned she had a sexy, friggin' smokin' brother to me before, although I doubt those would have been the words she would have used to describe him...
I wasn't paying much attention to anything being said (I was prepared with the excuse the music was too loud in case anyone asked me a question I would undoubtedly not hear), but rather focusing on my drink--Grey Goose--and sneaking glances at Edward through my layered bangs. He looked amazingly gorgeous in the dim setting of the club. The occasional strobe light glancing off his face would highlight a different part of his face, making apparent the striking features of his jaw, outlining the curve of it by his ear, or shadowing his nose just right, creating an imaginary hollow on his cheekbone. Often, it would make his eyes sparkle for a miniscule moment, and I would have great difficulty tearing my eyes away from him. Every so often I would get the overwhelming urge to lure him a back wall, any wall, and shove my tongue down his throat, only to flinch slightly when I realized what I was thinking.
At one point, when of the rare times I wasn't staring at him, I would feel his gaze on me. I struggled with myself to keep still and not look, for I knew that with one glance, I wouldn't have been able to control myself, and I would have ended up jumping him in front of my friends... and his sister...
That was one thing I was not willing to do.
I opted for the alternative instead: dancing.
I stood up a bit shakily--I'd lost track of how much Grey Goose I'd consumed in the past 20 minutes--and stalked off to the dance floor as "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry came on. I started moving only a little, trying to get the feel of the song before letting anything loose.

I kissed a girl and I liked it
The taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it
I hope my boyfriend don't mind it...

The first chorus played as a slender brunette girl stumbled toward me, her drunken state apparent even to me, the girl who quite possibly downed at entire bottle of Grey just to keep from talking to an outrageously gorgeous man. I reached out my hand to her, a silent invitation, and she accepted. I pulled her toward me, turned around so she was behind me, and started moving more intensely to the music, closing my eyes to the world. She instantly put her hands on my hips and grinded against me, moving with me. I placed my hands on hers and pushed back against her, Edward's face filling my mind for a moment, causing me to smile dreamily. I vaguely heard her call her name out to me--Jessica--and smiled in response. Jessica was a very good dancer, I noted. I leaned my head back against her shoulder, sighing a bit as the song came to an end and segued into "My Humps" by Black Eyed Peas.

I drive these fuckers crazy
I do it on the daily
They treat me really nicely
The buy me all these ices
Dolce & Gabanna
Fendi and NaDonna

Jessica moved her leg so it was between mine, still grinding, creating a welcomed friction against me. My lips parted slightly, and I fought to keep the moan from escaping. Her hands moved slowly against my body, creeping up my sides, never venturing too far, and moving back down to my hips. Frequently, one of her hands would slide down to my upper thigh and rub inward, toward my core, to which I would just push against her further. I was thoroughly lost to the music and the vodka I'd drunk. I felt wild, loose, and carefree. It was as if I hadn't a worry in the world. Nice, shy, reserved Bella had left the building. In her place was a new, wild, sexy Bella. This new Bella barely registered when Jessica's lips started sucking on her neck. The new Bella reveled in the touch, replacing the female with a much better replacement male.
Then Old Bella came back.
Holy hell!
I jerked away from Jessica so fast she almost fell. I turned to face her, horrified, mouth agape, trying to figure out when I told her it was okay to do that.
I came up blank.
With that knowledge, I turned back toward the booth my friends and Edward had been occupying and slunk down in the seat until I felt safe. I felt dirty and used. How could I have done something like that? Oh, yeah, I thought it was Edward doing those things to me. Dear God, I haven't even said two whole sentences to the guy and I'm already feeling his hands on me.
He had his hands on you earlier, the evil part of my brain mentioned to me. I scoffed at myself. God. I was pathetic. Lusting after a man I've never met, who also happened to be my friend and roommate's older brother. Therein lay the true problem. He was family. He was off-limits to me. Dammit.
I sighed, dejected, and looked up for the first time since I was molested on the dance floor. My gaze slinked slowly up until it connected with the green-eyed Sex God I had just been thinking about. His gaze seem perplexed, but intrigued. I fleetingly wondered what he was thinking. I prayed for some insight on the mind of this wonderful piece of man.
"Are you alright?" he asked me. Such a simple question, but to me, it sounded like he was trying to seduce me. Bring it on, babe, I thought.
His stare was intense, and I was wuickly reminded of the fact that he had asked me a question. So I used my excuse.
"Sorry, what? The music's a bit loud," I raised my voice slightly to make it seem like a legitimate excuse, because everyone that knew me knew I was a horrible liar. It appeared to be the case in this instance as well. Crap.
He looked amused for a moment, his luscious, kissable lips pulling up into a crooked smirk, and I lost my train of thought.
Holy crap, he's good.
"I asked you if you were alright. You looked a bit morose for a second over there," he explained.
"Oh. Yeah, I'm fine. Great. Wonderful."
He raised an eyebrow. Overkill, I thought. He looked like he wanted to say something, but he held back, choosing instead to pick up his drink, a dark colored liquid, and taking a sip.
"So, what's in there?" I suggested, motioning toward his drink with my hand.
"Jack on the rocks," he replied quickly.
"Oh... Is it good?" I asked.
"To me, but to each his--or her--own."
"May I try some?"
"If you want. Be careful, though, it burns going down," he quipped with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.
I scowled at him, taking the glass from his hand and leaning it toward my lips. Some of the whiskey went down, tingling my tongue a bit.  The second it hit my throat, my eyes started watering. Damn! He wasn't kidding! I quickly swallowed the rest of the gulp, resisting the urge to spit it out and chug a gallon of water to stop the burning. A traitorous tear took on a life of its own and rolled down my cheek. I squeezed my eyes shut to keep any other tears in and to dull the pain in my throat.
Edward had his hand over his mouth; his shoulders were shaking slightly. He was obviously trying not to laugh out of respect for me, but when I grimaced at him, he let loose with a deep, tenor laugh, musical like his voice. "I told you it burned going down."
"Shut up."
"Bella, are you alright?" Alice asked through a fit of giggles. I had forgotten she was there. I turned my head and saw Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper all chuckling at me, and I felt the heat crawl up my neck as my face colored.
"Yes, I'm fine," I muttered.
"Alright kids, we're gonna head out," Emmett stated, standing up with Rosalie, "Bella, you gonna be alright for the rest of the night?"
"Yeah, see you later Em. Bye, Rose," I stood up and hugged them both, giving Emmett a quick kiss on the cheek.
"I think I'm going to  call it a night as well. You going to Rosalie's, Em?" Jasper asked him.
"Yeah, I'm just gonna stay over there. You can have the apartment tonight."
"Thanks, man," Jasper ended with a fist bump.
"Alice, you ready to go?" Jasper asked her.
"Yeah, just let me get my coat from the coat check," Alice said, jumping up, "Edward, do you think you could give Bella a ride home for me? I'm just going to follow Jasper to his place."
"Alice, that's not necessary, I'm perfectly fine calling a taxi," I started.
"No, no, I'll take you. Don't worry about it. It's no big deal," Edward retorted.
"Really, you don't have to--"
"Seriously, it's no big deal. Where do you live?" Edward cut me off.
"Great! Thanks, Edward. Bella, I owe you one. Thanks for understanding!" Alice chirpped before bouncing away after Jasper.
I sighed. I didn't know how I was supposed to survive a whole car ride with him. I could barely form a sentence in a packed club, what was I going to do in a small, enclosed space, with only us?!
I turned to him, looking up at his face. Wow, he's kinda tall, I thought to myself. I blinked, trying to get control of myself before I gave him directions to mine and Alice's apartment.
"But can we just wait for this one song to end before we leave? I love dancing to it. It's got a great beat," I gushed as I heard "Temperature" by Sean Paul come on.
"Sure, but only if you'll dance with me," he said, his eye boring into mine.
"Uh... Er... Yeah, sure... Uh... Let's go," I stammered before turning toward the floor.
He grabbed my hand, and I felt a jolt of electric current run through my veins. I flinched slightly but quickly composed myself, and followed him to the dance floor.
As the song started, I was facing him, his hands on my hips, my arms around his neck, moving timidly to the beat. I was terrified of messing up in front of him. I didn't want to seem like a spaz. I turned around so his chest was against my back and started moving more comfortably.
I raised my arms above my head, moving my hands in a rolling motion to the music, rolling my hips against him as the motion took over my body. I closed my eyes, losing myself again, and put my hands where pockets would have been had I been wearing jeans, and swayed my body to the drum beat. My head moved back toward his shoulder, and I felt my lips curl into a small smile as I felt his hands gripping my hips tightly. Temperature turned into "S.O.S" by Rihanna , and Edward started moving his hands around my waist, pulling me closer to him, causing my ass to grind into his crotch. I heard him let out a low groan, which activated my own moan. I started grinding my ass harder into him, and his hands started moving around my body, stroking up my stomach toward my chest, but just as he was about to grab my breasts, he moved his hands back down, crossing them over me, spinning me to face him again. He gazed into my eyes, his own emeralds darkening significantly. I bit my lip, nervous.
He stuck his right leg between mine, and I instantly started rolling my hips back and forth across his leg to the beat of "Get Up" by Ciara. My hands went from my side to sliding up his firm chest, hidden by an inconvenient shirt that hinted at how sculpted he was, to around his neck. My fingers played with the bronze hair at the nape of his neck. I pressed closer to him, pushing my chest against his. His expression betrayed pure lust and longing. He wanted me. And he knew I knew.
I smiled wickedly, upping the ante a bit. I made my moves more sensual, pushing all his buttons, pressing against him in all the right places. My hands slid down his chest to the waistband of his jeans, lingering for only a moment, before slowly climbing back up to his broad shoulders. I bit my lip and closed my eyes, throwing my head back, both out of necessity and for show, because he was seriously turning me on! I wanted nothing more than to take him back to me room and have my way with him. And I would make sure I did everything in my power to make it happen.


So! I was NOT expecting that to happen. I just started typing something and it just came out! I like this writing thing. :D The next chapter will probably be from Edward's point of view, because I think it'll earn me a few giggles. It'll be awkward writing from EPOV, but I'm going to do my best with it. Don't worry, they aren't going to live at the club, Bella just got a little excited, and Edward kinda forgot where he was. In all honesty, though, can you blame him? I mean, come on! If you were a guy, and you were dancing with a hot girl, and she was basically screwing you in a club with some hot dance moves, you'd forget where you were too, wouldn't you? That's what I thought. XD
But now I'm going to work on my paper that I put off until..well... now. X[ No fun. Wish me luck!

Oh, and all the chapters will have song title names from now on. They won't really have any specific meaning to the characters, more like I was listening to that song when I got inspired (The title for this one should kind of clear that up, because Bella obviously didn't kiss a girl, but a girl DID kiss her XDD).

So have fun with that, and if you think of anything I should put in the next chapter that you think would be good, tell me, and I'll consider it. :]

3rd-Sep-2008 04:24 pm - In need of a beta, most deff.
Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl
I'm already starting with the writer's block.
Gah. Gay.
Anyhoo. I 'm probably going to start searching for a beta. Someone who can help with the creative process and think of some good stuff for me to work on. :]
Pretty please? :D
I'm going to start working on something :]
Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl
So I had originally thought of something crazy and creative for the second chapter, but then I changed my mind, because it didn't seem to work with the first chapter. I was also wondering if I should try something from Edward's POV, and then that started off a whole new train of thought. Finally, I determined I would get the reason Edward showed up at the club in the first place down. I haven't finalized anything yet, and I'm actually making about half of this up as I write it:  The idea and back story is formulating in my mind as I type this with the help of The Remedy - Jason Mraz. Yay, Jason! XD So here's goes nothing!
Disclaimer: Still don't own anything, just messing with it.



As I drove down the Washington highways, I began to get psyched. I hadn't seen my sister or her friends in ages, and I was eager to see them again. I pushed on the gas pedal a little more, causing the needle on the speedometer to inch up toward 75. I smiled reflexively, loving the purr of the engine when it revved.
When I found out the job I had taken interest in was stationed in Seattle, I couldn't help but grin. I immediately thought of a plan to surprise Alice. It wasn't an easy feat, but I knew I'd be able to do it somehow. With the information I knew about my sister, I narrowed down the places she would be, the best place to surprise her. Instantly, I thought a club would be the best course of action. I knew Alice was a fan of clubbing and dancing, and I started going through the different clubs I knew were in the Seattle area.
I easily manuevered the Seattle streets without a thought, and before I knew it, I was in front of my new apartment. I smiled at the unique architecture. The multi-story complex sat on the corner of 54th and Pine streets, giving off a sort of homey feel. The different colored exterior walls gave the illusion that it was many different buildings connected to one another, with spalshes of greens, beiges, and maroons in different places. It was a geometric type of building, another reason I liked it, and opened to the street with a wide staircase leading to the front wraparound porch.
I scaled the steps, opened to door and entered the building, walking up the winding staircases to my apartment. Fishing the key out of my pocket, I slid it into the doorknob, unlocked it, stepping inside my fully-furnished apartment. I didn't pay any mind to anything in the living room, instead simply walking to my room and flopping down on the bed to get some rest before finding Alice in town.
I awoke a couple hours later, moving to my closest to find something club appropriate for tonight. I still didn't know which club I was heading to, but I figured I would just decide when I was driving. I setlled on a gray button down and black jeans. I liked the jeans in particular because they fit comfortably without making me seem gay. I buttoned my shirt, leaving the top three buttons open and rolled up my sleeves to my elbows. I walked to the mirror on the wall, trying to figure out something to do with the mess of bronze on the top of my head. I ran my hand through my hair to try to smooth it down some, only to find that nothing happened. I sighed, knowing nothing would make my hair cooperate, picked up my watch from the top of the dresser, sprayed on a small dose of Axe Wildcard, and made my way back out to my car.
Driving slower than usual around town, I searched for a club to go to. As I turned one corner, I spotted a familiar yellow Porsche. I chuckled to myself over Alice's choice in a car, and pulled into a parking space not too close to it. Now, how to get in, I thought to myself. I noticed the line was a bit long, and I was debating with myself on the best way to bypass said line. After deciding just going for the kill would work best, I exited my car, locking it and setting the alarm, and made my way toward the club doors.
It was surprisingly easy to get in, almost too easy. The bouncer seemed to stare at me for longer than necessary before allowing me to enter, but I shrugged it off and wound my way around the mass of people moving about on the dance floor. I would hardly have called it dancing, it seemed to be more like sex with clothes with the way some women were moving around. I grinned as I saw how many beautiful women were inside dancing with each other. Mmm, mmm, mmm, that's hot, I thought.
I managed to get to the bar and order myself a Heineken before making my way to the dance floor. As long as I was here, I may as well find some nice young lady to dance with. A song I recognized as "Low" by Flo Rida was in full swing as a girl I hadn't seen sauntered over to me, a look of pure lust in her eyes. I smirked at her, nodding my head in greeting, as she stood next to me.
"You look so lonely over here. You wanna dance?" she asked.
"Sure, lead the way," I retorted.
She grabbed my hand and led me toward the center of the dance floor before turning around and grinding her hips toward mine. Her arms found their way around my neck as she moved to the beat in a way she, I was sure, meant to be sexy. I almost felt bad for her. She had a hard time keeping the beat, but I was enjoying myself just the same. After a while, I excused myself under the pretenses of using the restroom. Instead, I went to search for Alice, looking over the heads of all the people to try to find my sister. I was moving slowly around the club as a few songs came and went, still searching, bu to no avail.
As the song "Goodies" by Ciara came on, I finally spotted Alice moving her small body to the music, surrounded by people admiring her dancing. I chuckled, knowing Alice was probably oblivious to the attention. She looked so engrossed in the song, placing her tiny hands on her hips and moving them slowly to the beat. On a second glance, I noticed that she hand another pair of hands on top of hers. Curious, I followed the arms the hands were attached to to the most exquisite woman I had ever seen. I felt my mouth drop open at the sight of her. Her dark blue dress clug to her figure sensually, letting you see every curve of her beautiful body. It stopped about 6 inches up her creamy pale thighs, hugged her wonderful ass, squeezed itself around her midriff, accentuating the luscious curvature of her breasts, and flared out slightly around her arms. The sliver of skin exposed by the slit at the tops of her arms look inviting. I longed to run my hands up and down the amazing creature dancing with my sister. I simply had to touch her in any way I could, any way at all, I wasn't going to be picky at that second. Her long silky looking brown hair fell in loose curls and waves to around her chest. I longed to run my fingers through it. I was completely mesmerized.
My feet seemed to move myself toward her without my knowledge, and I barely registered my hands moving to her hips. Oh, God, her hips felt amazing under my hands. The curve of them was too enticing, and images of me and this woman naked in my bed, me running my hands over her naked hips crossed my mind quickly. Other, more naughty, images soon came into play. I felt myself move with her to the music.  Her hands raised above her head, and she swayed more exaggeratedly, grinding her amazing ass into my groin, causing my eyes to roll into the back of my head and my eyelids to flutter closed for a moment. I bit my lip to keep the groan in.
Soon, our dancing got more sexual than anything. I kept thinking of what would be happening if we weren't clothed and in public. I suppressed another groan with great difficulty as she kept pressing her ass into me. I gripped her hips harder. I felt my erection start to throb and press into her lower back again and again. I was really struggling to keep myself controlled, and I knew that if this kept up for too much longer, I would really be in a mess.
Just as I was starting to gain more control, I thought I heard her moan. Good God, this woman is trying to kill me! I screamed internally. She froze quickly, seeming to understand what she did, and turned slowly after moving forward a couple inches. What faced me threw me off guard.
She was gorgeous. Her soft heart-shaped face seemed to glow in the dim club lighting. She had impossibly deep brown eyes surrounded by smoky eye make-up, and full pouty lips shining with gloss. She seemed to have a slight layer of perspiration on her creamy pale skin, making it that much more alluring. My eyes roamed her face slowly, making their way back to her eyes, and I was lost. I wanted this woman so much it hurt, and I was thinking of everything we could be doing together in a flash of images in my mind.
I took a tentative step towards her, locking my eyes on hers, only to find them not looking back. She was checking me out, and I was thoroughly enjoying it. Baby, you can do more than look if you'd like... I kept staring at her as her eyes finally reconnected with mine. I smirked at her, staring intensely at her. She backed up slightly, as if she didn't want to, but had no choice.
"Hi," I told her. My voice has turned low and husky, and I sincerely hoped it sounding seductive. I waited patiently for her response.
She opened her mouth to say something, and just as whatever words she was going to say were spoken, I heard the familiar screech of my sister. She flung herself at me, hugging me tightly, and I reciprocated by hugging my arms around her tiny waist and chuckling.
"Edward! Oh my God, what are you doing here?!" she yelled over the music.
"Alice, good to see you too," I responded.
She pushed away from the embrace and straightened her dress. "Sorry, I just wasn't expecting to see you here!"
"I know. I actually came to surprise you."
"Really? Wow, cool! So what brings you back to Seattle?" she asked.
"I actually got a new job here. I'm going to be working for a hospital here as part of a medical program I'm in," I answered.
"That's amazing! I'm proud of you, Edward," Alice gushed, "Have you been here long?"
"I just got in this afternoon."
"Well, come on then and meet all my friends!"
She dragged me along by my wrist over to a booth where that same gorgeous woman was. There was also a rather large man with enormous muscles sitting down, with a curvy blonde on his lap, not paying any attention to anything else but each other. The woman for the dance floor had some kind of drink in her hand and was resting her head on the back of the booth looking a bit worn out. I stood over her, watching her, drinking her in, when she peeled one eye open slowly. She screamed slightly and jumped up, almost falling. I reacted without thinking about it, wrapping my arms around her waist before she came into contact with anything and injuring herself.
The feel of her body in contact with mine was beyond description. I felt every nerve in my body come alive. I pulled her closer to me, taking note of her dress coming up her impossibly long legs, giving me a slight preview of her underwear. I noticed the black lace boy short style underwear briefly before I felt her shift slightly and moved my eyes up to hers. I saw her face and neck flush slightly--Dear God, her neck was tempting!--and heard her utter a nervous chuckle as she pulled away to adjust her dress and sit back down taking a gulp of her drink.
I felt Alice jumping next to me and turned to see her with a smile so wide I feared it would get stuck that way.
"Everyone, this is Edward," she introduced me, "My older brother."
The brown-haired vixen choked on her drink, sputtering and coughing erratically. Her hand flew to her chest, drawing my attention to her breasts, as she tried to recover.
Alice, the big guy, and the blonde all moved toward her, trying to see if she was alright.
"Oh my God! Bella! Are you okay?!" my sister yelled.
Bella. Beautiful name for a beautiful woman.
"Bells! Try to breathe, alright? You good?" the big guy asked.
Bella recovered quickly and took a deep breathe as she blushed again. "I'm fine, I'm fine. I promise."
"Are you sure?" Alice asked her.
"Yes, I'm alright. It just went down the wrong pipe," she said, coughing lightly. Her voice was a incredible as the rest of her. It sounded sweet and airy. I briefly wondered what her voice would sound like when she was turned on or screaming my name in ecstasy...
"But yeah, as I was saying," Alice started, "This is my brother, Edward. I haven't seen him in a while, and he surprised me a while ago. Edward, this is Bella--" pointing at the blushing goddess, "--Rosalie--" pointing at the blonde making out with the big guy a moment ago, "--and Emmett." She pointed at the muscled guy. He smiled at me and raised a fist, indicating an invitation to bump it. I did.
Rosalie smiled and held out a slender, manicured hand, "Hey there."
I shook her hand and smiled at her, nodding.
She turned her attention to Alice. "When's Jasper supposed to be coming again?"
This peaked my interest. I hadn't known my sister was dating anyone, so I was naturally curious.
"Jasper?" I hedged.
Alice turned to me and smiled, "Yeah. Jasper's my boyfriend. Has been for about two years now." A bright smile lit up her face.
"Really? Congrats," I celebrated for her.
"Thanks. He's amazing," she continued.
Just then, a pair of large hands covered Alice's eyes, making her squeal in delight. A tall, blond man leaned his head down to Alice's ear.
"Hey, darlin'," he drawled. I heard a southern accent cloud his tone. Texas, maybe?
"Jazzy!" Alice squealed, turning in his arms, throwing her own arms up around her neck. She had to jump a little to reach high enough. He laughed a little, showing off gleaming white teeth, and wrapped his own arms around her waist tightly, kissing her quickly.
"I missed you, baby," he told her. I smiled at the absolute love and adoration in his eyes for my sister.
"I missed you too, Jas," she replied.
He turned his attention to me. "Jasper," he greeted, holding his hand out for mine, which I took. He had a firm handshake; I liked that. It raised my respect for him a bit.
"Edward," I responded.
"Nice to meet you, Edward."
"You as well."
"Edward is my older brother. Remember, I told you about him a couple of times, Jazzy?" Alice spoke up.
"Oh, you're that Edward," Jasper stated with a laugh. I laughed along with him for a second.
"Yeah, I'm the little pixie's big brother," I retorted, playfully mussing Alice's hair a little.
"Ah! Edward! You should know better than to mess with a woman's hair!" she scolded me.
I simply laughed at her.
"Come on , Edward, have a seat and get better acquainted with my friends," Alice suggested.
I sat down in the only available seat, the one next to Bella, and prepared myself for the rest of what was sure to be an interesting evening.

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Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl
Okay, so I finally got an idea for a story... sort of. Inspiration came from Stand Up - Ludacris, ironically. Just listening to the song gave me the idea of entering into a club, so yeah, :] Hopefully it'll be alright, and if it turns out to be an epic fail, then at least I'll have had the experience. No negativity, yay!

Word of warning: Bella will be slightly OOC, in that she likes club dancing, but she'll still be shy and not like to wear flashy outfits. Alice will stay relatively the same, but if anything I write is OOC for her, then so be it. Same goes for everyone else I may put into this story, I may ask for a Beta later on if I get completely stuck, or need help with anything minor. I'm thinking Edward will be a normal guy with angst issues, but seeing as how we don't know how human!Edward would have acted in the 21st century, I don't really think him being OOC will be a huge issue. If it is, notify me, please.

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Also, I just want to set up some background info for the characters:

Isabella Swan: 21
Emmett Swan: 24
Alice Cullen: 21
Edward Cullen: 24
Rosalie Hale: 22
Jasper Hale: 23

Emmett and Bella, Alice and Edward, and Jasper and Rosalie are siblings. I figured that'd be easier for me. I don't want to get into too complicated things at the moment xD

Everyone (except for Edward) is in college, going to UW (In Seattle). Alice and Bella are roommates, Emmett and Jasper and roommates, and Rosalie lives by herself. Bella hasn't met Edward before; Emmett HAS met Rosalie and has started dating her; Edward is a bit stuck up and reserved; Bella is just as she always is, but likes to dance (and is damn good at it, too). I'll elaborate this further as I come up with it. :]

Jacob will be a part of this, but he will not be a love interest for Bella; put simply: He doesn't carry a torch for her. I'm not interested in love triangles right now. Like I said, too complicated. All characters look like their movie portrayels, except for Bella, Alice, Edward, and Rosalie. I tried to find better people for them, but I soon realized that it just couldn't be done XD I probably will not have James/Victoria/Laurent in this, simply because I don't like them. :] Muahaha. Anyway... I'm going to try to get on this! :]

Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with Twilight, I'm simply borrowing the characters from SM! :]


Two hours. Not much can happen in two hours, right? Wrong. Two hours was all the time it took for my so-hyper-it's-scary roommate and new friend Alice to torture me with just about every beauty product known to man. She was in the process of brushing, teasing, and spraying my hair in some kind of fashion. 'Sexy" was the word she chose to describe the long, wild waves cacading down my back; 'a pain in the ass' was what I was using to described it. I wouldn't dare say anything to Alice though, for she probably would have pinched me and started off into some outrageiously long lecture about the importance of looking sexy all the time. I, however, didn't see the need for it. 'Sexy' definitely wasn't what came to mind when I thought of describing me: A more fitting adjective, in my opinon anyway, was 'average'. I had never thought myself anything extraordinary, but upon meeting Alice my freshman year at UW, I had learned to simply smile and nod whenever she told me anything about myself. It was infinitely easier than trying to argue with her: She was quite possibly the most stubborn person on the planet.
When I first met Alice, her tiny, petite frame looked to be completely harmless. I soon found, however, that looks can most definitely be decieving. She hadn't heard me approach the dorm room we'd both been assigned to--she'd been dancing around to some song by Nelly Furtado I had never heard--but when I knocked against the doorframe to the relatively nice-sized room, she spun around so rapidly I thought she would fall over, then proceeded to launch herself across the room from her bed and yank me into a hug so tight I almost fainted... almost.
At present, she had moved from my hair, which actually looked pretty good, if I did say do myself, and moved onto my make-up, pulling out a bag so packed I thought it was going to explode, and fishing around for the necessary equipment to make me 'drop-dead sexy', as she so eloquently put it.
"Close 'em," she ordered in her soprano, musical voice. I did as I was told but not without complaining some first.
"Alice, I really don't see what the point of getting me all dolled up is, it's not like anyone there is going to fall at my feet the minute I walk through the doors," I whined. I wasn't particularly looking forward to another night of clubbing with Alice, not because I didn't want to dance--oh, no--but because it was getting to the point where it was becoming a chore, rather than a fun thing. Tonight's destination was Club Trinity, a rather popular nightclub known for it's guest DJs and du-jour contests. I was thankful there wasn't anything special going on today; if there was, I probably would've killed myself with embarrassment.
"Tough shit. Now, stop talking and let me put this gloss on you!"
"Ugh, fine, " I complied, not wanting to have to deal with any physical pain tonight. I knew Alice could have hurt me if she really wanted to, and that was enough to instill the fear of God in me. Living with Alice kept me on my toes, to say the least. She may have been a sweet little thing, but if she was irritated enough, I and everyone else who knew her knew to get the hell out of her way. Alice on a vengence was more than a bit frightening.
She finished up my gloss and stepped back to admire her handiwork. Smiling, she extended her hand to let me up from the beauty salon-style chair in our bathroom so I could get a better look at myself in the floor-length, three-way mirror in my bedroom. I walked in front of the mirror and gasped lightly at what I saw.
Before me, stood a slender, slightly pale woman with creamy skin, luscious curves, and legs that seemed to go on for miles. Her midnight blue dress fit her body perfectly. It fell not even to mid-thigh, hugging her ass, middle, and breasts just enough to be extremely sexy without being slutty. The deep V-neck cut revealed the slight cleavage she had, even accentuating it, making her chest seem bigger than it really was. The sleeves flared out a little, with a cuff just above her elbows and a slit on the sides, revealing a sliver of her shoulders. Some of her hair was pulled around to the front, falling freely to just past her chest it beautiful waves and slight curls. I gaped openly at her, finally looking up to her face. Her eyes were smoky, making the brown color of her irises seem deeper than the ocean itself. Her lips were a natural-looking red color, shining with the gloss on them. It took me a second to realize it was me.
"Alice... I... wow," I struggled for words.
She smirked at me from over my shoulder, which was a bit of a stretch for her, seeing as how as she had my feet in black, strappy, wedge heels, easily adding three inches to my already 5'7 figure.
"I know," she finally agreed, "You can thank me later, when you find yourself some hot piece of man candy at Trinity tonight." If possible, her smile widned and her eyes took on a devious look, as if she knew something she was dying for me to find out.
Alice's dress was a deep purple number with diamond patterns of skin where the material crossed over her body. buckles fastened each piece of it, accentuating her toned tummy. Her chest wasn't as big as mine was, but her dress easily hid that fact. She looked at least a thousand times more glamorous than me, and I felt my self-esteem drop some. Her hair was spiked out, as usual, but tonight she had done something extra to it to make it seem more pronounced. It framed her face nicely, and it seemed to sparkle when she moved even a centimeter in any direction. Oh, that's because she used the glitter hairspray, I thought to myself. Alice ran back into her room for a few minutes, emerging later in her white and clear strappy stilletto heels. The heel of them had about the same width of a pencil, and I wondered to myself how in God's name she could balance in them. My shoes had about 10 times more heel, and I still fumbled every now and then: Heels were an acquired taste for me. My balance had never been very great, and it had taken 3 years to finally learn how to at least not trip and fall in them.
"Are you ready to get your groove on, girl?" Alice joked.
"Not in the slightest; let's go."
"Alrighty then!"
"Are we meeting Rose and Emmett there?" I asked once we headed outside to Alice's canary yellow Porsche.
"Yeah, Rose called me earlier and set everything up. Jasper's finally home, and tonight's a sort of 'Welcome Home' gathering for him. I really missed him," she pouted.
Alice had been dating Rosalie's brother Jasper for around 2 years now. They'd met at a coffee shop in Port Angeles. It was a really cute story, actually. She'd been sitting at a table in the cafe when Jasper walked in. They made eye contact, and Jasper had never looked away from her the entire time. She walked up to him at once, saying 'You've kept me waiting for a long time,' and he'd responded by tipping an imaginary hat and said, 'Sorry about that miss,' and they'd been together ever since. I was actually a bit surprised Alice hadn't moved in with him, but he still shared an apartment with my older brother, Emmett. Jasper was good for Emmett: Emmett was a bit over the top sometimes. Well, it was more of out of his mind stupid, but Jasper always seemed to have a good handle on keeping him calm. That, and introducing Emmett to his younger sister, Rosalie. Rosalie was your basic definition of drop-dead gorgeous. She had long, silky, platinum blonde hair, big, bright blue eyes (like her big brother), and a body that even a Victoria's Secret model would sell her soul for.
Emmett had nearly dropped to his knees and begged for her to date him when he met her. He could barely form a full sentence when he looked at her, and oddly enough, Rosalie had found it cute, and proceeded to play her ever famous game. It basically consisted of her playing hard to get and being a bitch to a guy, but Emmett didn't buy it. I was actually really proud of him. He never fell for one of her tricks, instead playing her own game with her, consequently causing her to fall head over Jimmy Choo heels for him. They'd been dating for the past six months. They were a great match, as Alice and Jasper were. The differences were obvious between the two couples, but the common factor was that every time you saw one partner looking at the other, the look of complete love and adoration adorned all four of their faces. I was happy for all of them.
My own love life--or lack thereof--was never a factor to any of them. They all loved me and whenever we were all together, I never felt like the fifth wheel. I was always one of the gang. It was a nice feeling.
Before I knew it, we were pulling into a parking space in front of Trinity. The line outside was incredibly long, and I groaned internally. I really didn't feel like waiting forever. Alice and I exited the car, and arm in arm, started making our way toward the bouncer at the door. My stomach was fluttering with nervousness as Alice marched us right to the front of the line, earning nasty glares from all the women already in line.
Alice flashed him a flirty smile, and, after a too-long appraising look at both Alice and me, waved us into the club. Alice blew him a kiss in thanks and sauntered into the club, me on her heels.
The dark club was packed. The mass of bodies gyrating on the floor swayed and grinded to the beat of Ludacris' "Stand Up". Immediately, Alice and I walked to our reserved table toward the back. Perks like that happened when you knew the club manager. Jacob Black, a friend of Emmett and mine, had been managing Trinity for about four months, and we frequented the place whenever we could. We saw Rosalie and Emmett in the middle of a not-so-innocent kiss in the booth.
"Em! Rose! Hey, chill for a second, 'kay?" I teased.
Emmett reluctantly pulled his face away from Rose's and turned to glare at me jokingly. "Just because you're not getting any doesn't mean you need to deny me my fun, little sis."
"Excuse me, can we please leave my sex life out of this? All I wanted to do was say hi," I retorted.
"As you wish, kid," Emmett said.
"Hey Bella, Alice," Rosalie smiled at us, "How are you guys this lovely evening?" She slurred a bit, and I finally spotted the two shot glasses on the table and chuckled.

"I'm good. In fact, I'm so good, I'm going to go dance. I'll catch you guys later!" I ran off to the dance floor when I heard "Low" by Flo Rida.
I swayed my hips to the beat, closing my eyes to let the music take over my body. I smiled slightly, getting even more into my movements. I loved dancing like this. It allowed me to express my love for the beat however I wanted. I hadn't always been this way; I had always been incredibly scared to dance in front of people, but with the coaxing of some of my friends from high school, I eventually learned to love it. I'd been clubbing and dancing every chance I got ever since.
Low faded into "The Way I Are" by Timbaland, and I made my way to the bar to get myself something to drink. I flagged the bartender down, ordered a gin martini, and nursed it for a while before heading back out to dance. I bumped into Alice and asked her to dance. She complied, and soon we were moving with each other almost sensually, laughing with each other as men all around us stopped dancing with their partners to ogle us. At one point, I ended up grinding into Alice from behind her, my hands on her shoulders and her hands on mine, moving and completely forgetting aobut the world around me, lost in the music. My eyes were closed, and I could feel the beat pulsing through my veins. I had fused with the music, and nothing else in the world existed. I was so busy dancing, I didn't notice when two large, masculine hands grabbed onto my hips from behind me and started grinding with me.
I lifted my hands above my head, still swaying and grinding against the stranger, pushing my hips back into his. Whoever was dancing behind me was amazing. I wanted to keep dancing forever with this man.
"Goodies" by Ciara ft. Petey Pablo came on, and our dancing changed considerably. It was no longer just moving with the music, it was hardcore grinding. I felt the man behind me get hard and press his erection into my backside repeatedly, igniting a fire in my body I had never experienced before. Don't get me wrong, I had danced sexually with guys before, but this was something entirely different. I felt as if my whole body was on fire, all my nerve endings vibrating. I felt heat start to pool between my legs and before I could stop it, a soft moan escaped my lips. I closed my mouth quickly, popping my eyes open. I stopped dancing, noticing Goodies had segued into "Freek-A-Leek". Slowly, I turned in the arms of whoever had ignited my body, and found myself with a pair of beautiful, emerald eyes, smoldering with desire.
He towered over me, this gorgeous creature that had danced with me, a couple locks of hair falling over his eyes. I yearned to reach up and brush away the odd bronze tresses, but contained myself. His angular jaw and perfectly straight nose were only part of his perfection. I blatantly ogled him for a second, traling my eyes down his gray button down shirt and tight black jeans. His shirt had the top three buttons undone, hinting at his sculpted chest, and he had the sleeves rolled up at the elbows, showing his toned forearms. His skin wasn't tanned, but it wasn't completely pale, as far as I could tell, but it was hard to see in the lights in the club.
When my eyes finally reconnected with his, a beautifully crooked smirk crossed his face, his eyes bored into mine. He took a slow step toward me, and I hesitantly backed away from him. My brain was screaming at me to say something, anything to figure out what he wanted, while my libido was screaming at me to do something that definitely wasn't talking, but still involved our mouths...
"Hi," he breathed, his voice low, seductive, and husky. It practically dripped sex. The heat between my legs grew, and it started to throb slightly. I gulped, licked my lips, and tried my hardest not to stare at his and keep my focus on his eyes.
I opened my mouth to say something back--Perhaps a greeting of sorts, no?--but was interrupted by a high-pitched squeal. I turned my head in the direction the squeal came from, only to see Alice shove past me and fling herself into the arms of the gorgeous, sexy man in front of me, securing her arms around his neck.
"Edward! Oh my God, what are you doing here?!" she screeched.
Edward. The walking sex has a name. Oh, dear God, what a sexy name.
He chuckled, wrapping his arms around her waist and hugging her before prying her arms loose to set her back on the floor.
"Alice, good to see you, too," he teased.
I was momentarily stunned by the sound of his voice. It was musical like Alice's, but about two octaves lower, and more like velvet than anything else. I tried to keep my breathing regulated when I  heard him speak.
The two continued to banter back and forth, while I simply maintained to keep my knees from buckling. I wonder if what his voice would feel like against my-- Holy shit! Did I really just think that?! Something was definitely wrong with me. I decided I needed something to drink. Something very, very stong. I made my way over to the bar, told the bartender to get me something with vodka in it, and chugged it down once it arrived. It burned my throat going down, but at that point I didn't care at all. I got another, and stumbled slightly back to the booth with Emmett and Rosalie.
"Damn, Bella, you look like hell. What happened?" Rose asked me. I chuckled. Rosalie always knew how to make you feel bubbly inside.
"I basically had sex with the most gorgeous man on the planet, only to find out he knows Aice somehow. I nearly came at the sound of his voice. Not only that, he's probably the sexiest man I've ever seen, and, boy, let me tell you, I so would have jumped him if Alice hadn't thrown herself at him," I think I slurred a little, but I was having a hard time focusing on anything at the moment.
"Woah, Bella, I think you should take it easy with your drink there. What is it?" Emmett asked me, concern lacing his tone and face.
I shrugged,"I don't know what it is. I just walked up to the bar and ask for anything with vodka in it. The lovely man complied, and now I am enjoying.. er... whatever this is." I raised my glass to my nose and sniffeda tiny bit, but it turned out to be the wrong move. As soon as I inhaled, my eyes stung, and I started coughing like a 60 year old smoker. I sputtered, trying to recover quickly.
Rose jumped over to me and started pounding my back to help. Soon after, I was able to breathe again. I felt my face flush and leaned back into the booth, resting my head on the back of it and closing my eyes. I focused on keeping my breaths steady when I felt a shadow over my face. I slowly opened one eye, bringing me to those same piercing green eyes. I screamed and jumped, falling towards the floor.
I clenched my eyes shut, readying myself for the impact, but after a few moments, I realized that it wasn't coming. I slowly reopened my eyes, looking around to see why I hadn't cracked my skull open. I shifted slightly, and felt two strong arms around my waist. I followed the arm up, recognizing the gray shirt and the person wearing it: the reason I fell in the first place. I felt the heat crawl up my neck to my cheeks, and I smiled weakly, chuckling nervously.
It was then that I noticed I was gripping his arms tightly in my small hands. I quickly righted myself, trying to get his--Edward's-- hands off me. I backed away from him, readjusting my dress, which had ridden up considerably, and sat back down in the booth.
Alice started bouncing in place beside Edward, and had a smile so wide I thought it would break her face.
"Everyone, this is Edward," Alive began, "My older brother."
I choked on my drink.
Older brother?!

A/N: So there you have it, my first chapter. I need some ideas on an issue for Bella to be dealing with later, as well as the name of who it was with. It obviously can't be Jacob, because I really don't see him as a bad kid, just not really essential to the plot. Give me feedback, and I'll try to think of other stuff :]

Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl
I've been reading fanfictions for a while now, so I decided I would try to write one. Keep in mind, I'm not very creative with this kind of thing (making up what people look like, their ages, and their names; places, and describing them [I would only be able to use descriptions I've read in the past, so I think that will put everything on a slower pace for me], and other such things), but I'm going to attempt to try my hardest. :]

I'm not exactly sure what kind of plot I want to do, but I do know that I'll be delving into the AU-All Human category of fics, because I'm just drawn to reading them more than the 'regular' fics. Call me crazy, but human!Edward is yummy! :D

So, with that in mind, I'm going to start thinking of different things to put together for a fic, and then try to come up with something really crazy. I'm going to take extra care with certain pieces of the story though--mainly just lemons...--so I don't get too weird. I mean, how am I supposed to write about something I've never done? Well, I suppose I'll just try my hardest, wee!

With that in mind, I'm off to read more things. :D

See you on the flip side!

13th-Jul-2008 07:21 am - Early morning rain
Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl
The last time I looked at the clock (on my computer), the time read 6:44. About 5 minutes later, I heard the thunder.
One of my favorite sounds in the world to hear.
Thunder meant rain. The two together were the most glorious thing I could ever hope to hear during the summer. Not big, crashing, rolls of thunder, more like, soft hits on a bass drum during a slow-tempo song. Comforting. Lulling.
I went to my window and just watched it for a while. It was nice. It reminded me of late nights just lying on my bed, staring at my ceiling, thinking of nothing and everything all at once. It was a nice reminder.
Eventually, I went outside and sat on the porch and just watched and listened. It was lukewarm outside, the summer temperature of the early morning mixing with the cool water falling from the clouds. It was the perfect temperature. I closed my eyes and just listened to the rain dance on everything in touched. It's the hardest sound to recreate with words. I can't adequately describe it. You'll just have to take my word for it.
Listening to the rain outside while sitting on my porch steps is something I enjoy. It allows me to just let go of everything and focus on the beautiful sound of it falling. It's like every negative thing in my life is being pulled away so I can only focus on being content and happy with my life. I forget about all of my problems. It's wonderful.

It's funny. I remember being terrified of storms when I was little. Thunder and lightning especially. It was like the Thunder was yelling at me. It frightened me. The lightning was the worst, I think. Looking back, I don't really remember what about lightning frightened me so much. I just remember being afraid of seeing the sky light up at night during a storm. It was like it wasn't natural for there to be any natural light at 11 at night. Every time I would see a lightening flash, I would gasp and shut my eyes tight, pulling whatever blanket or pillow was closet to my hands. But I would still feel my room light up with each flash. It probably doesn't make sense, but then again, it probably does. I would know when the sky would unnaturally lighten up and I would get consumed by fear until it was dark again. Each flash may have only lasted about a second, but it felt like so much longer. I would feel my heartbeat quicken, and my breathing become erratic, and close my eyes to try to make it go away.
Eventually the storm would pass and I would feel better and continue on, but I would never forget feeling terrified by the lightning.

Everything smells better in the rain. It smells... renewed.. fresh, if you will. It's like the earth is cleansing itself and trying to make things better. It all looks cleaner too. Maybe it actually is. Maybe I'm just imagining things. Who knows? I'll still believe what I do.

I don't know how long I was outside, but I do know that it was long enough for the rain to keep a constant pace, then die out some, swell back up, and then die out completely.
No, come back. Don't go, clouds.
Sadly, I watched the last of the gray clouds float away as white semi-puffy masses and light blue sky emerged. No sun, just sky and clouds. My favorite kind of day. Don't get me wrong, the sun is nice, but it can be a bit overbearing at times. Too hot too often. Not fun. The sky and clouds, however, is the perfect way to start the morning.

I walked down the hallway and heard my mom getting up. What is she doing, I thought to myself. I stopped just outside my door and looked at her. She looked awful, to say the least. Hair matted, lines on her cheek from the extra material on her pillow, mouth half-open, eyes not even half-open, nightgown slightly wrinkled. Ah, what a glorious picture of my mother. Jesus, Mom. She truly looked like a zombie. I realized she wanted to hit the Snooze button on her clock on the other side of the room. Ha, ha. Mrs. Lazy had to get up.
"It rained."
"Yeah, I know. It was pouring. Thunder and lightning, too."
"No, no lightning. Just thunder." She simply nodded her head and gave some sort of grunt-like response. "It was pretty."

I turned and walked into my room and closed the door, just like I always do. To shut her out, she says. No, just to be myself. Take me or leave me, either way, I'm gonna be myself.

I encourage everyone to just sit outside one day when it rains. Just sit on your porch or somewhere sheltered and just close your eyes and breathe. Listen to everything happen. Breathe it all in. See if you can find peace in the early morning rain like I did.

1st-Jul-2008 12:35 am - All these fanfictions!
Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl
I've been reading a few fan fiction things, and MAN!
Some of you guys are GOOD!
Keep up the good work :]
I shall keep an eye out for updates :D
Just wanted to say you guys are awesome haha
28th-Jun-2008 01:30 pm - New Moon Playlist
Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl
Yeah, so, really great songs on there haha. I have the Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse playlists on my iTunes now, thanks to my sources haha, and have uploaded them onto my iPod. I basically just listen to those playlists and that's it haha. I've probably read those 3 books 4 times collectively, and I still am not tired of them. New Moon still makes me cry in certain places when I read, and I love it each time. Every time I read those books, it feels like the first time. Like I'm discovering Stephenie Meyer's genius for the first time again and again. I love that feeling. It's quite possibly the greatest feeling in the world. :]

Wow, I really love those books. XD In case you couldn't already tell.

So. Boring stuff now.
So far this summer I've seen about 5 movies(in theatres and at the drive in), driven around town, driven to Nashville and back, made a new friend, and been bored out of my mind. Sooner or later, I'll be praying for band camp. Speaking of which, they still haven't mailed out the information for it... Odd... How are they gonna get paid if they don't make people aware of the cost?  Hmm. Anyway.

Breaking Dawn contest... amazing, no? Yes. haha I got my mom to buy me some pre-stamped cards to mail in, and boy I'm determined. If I win this contest OMG. I will like die from happiness haha. It'd be totally amazing if I won. :D
Stephenie Meyer is amazing, and if I got to meet her (in NEW YORK CITY OMFG) that would pretty much make my life complete. No joke. That whole concert series thing is a great idea, and I would TOTALLY love to go and take someone with me. Maybe Kaitlyn. I need to get back to being close with her... =/

Anyway, I'm off to be more obsessed. xD I'm actually going to find a Twilight LJ layout because right now I've only got that gay default thing haha. :]

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